Thursday, 11 October 2012

Every little helps, Bangkok style

One (admittedly odd) highlight of our first stay in Bangkok was a quick trip to Tesco. It's funny how something that's so mundane at home takes on a whole new level of novelty and excitement when you're on the other side of the world. 

The chain has a relatively big presence in Thailand, giving itself an added element of Asian mystique by adding 'Lotus' to the end of its name. There's a big branch not far from The Jim Thompson House (see last post) so we popped down there on the hunt for handwash detergent (tired of washing pants with shower gel) and a mosquito net.

I've always found foreign supermarkets fascinating and most of the fun we had came from browsing the multitude of bizarre Thai foodstuffs:

Like crisps, but really not.
'Win'. 'Delicious & good taste'. Neither of these descriptions of fried cuttlefish rang true with us TBH.
ALL the industrial strength Red Bull.
Crab stick danishes. I don't care if they're only 10TBH, it's a 'no'.
Angry Birds chicken balls. I can't believe these haven't caught on in the UK!
After all that, you're going to need a breath & BELLY mint!
Not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine we'd find something so perfect.

So, travelling. It's not all snorkelling, temples, festivals and wildlife... sometimes all it takes is a trip to the local supermarket to blow your mind.

P.S. We managed to get hold of the detergent too: Cross Super Laundry Liquid Detergent. It's great and now our pants smell fabulous.

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